Shredded Carnitas
Shredded Carnitas

Bursting with rich flavor, Carnitas, a type of slow cooked pork, is a staple in the Mexican kitchen that we are happy to have the opportunity to share with you. Our Shredded Carnitas have a unique and authentic texture and flavor rooted in the traditional cooking methods of Michoacan, a Mexican state known internationally for their delicious, melt-in- your-mouth carnitas. Richly seasoned, slow braised and shredded, Carnitas make a flavorful and filling main course, but they are also incorporated in many other authentic Mexican dishes like tamales, tacos, tortas and burritos. Carnitas are traditionally served accompanied by cilantro, salsa and refried beans. They can easily be used to spice up American dish favorites like pulled pork sandwiches, omelets and even pizza.

2 M/MA
2 oz