Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are your products Wholegrain?

A: Yes, all Del Real products sold in the K12 segment are certified wholegrain by the wholegrain council. Please contact your sales representative for a copy of our wholegrain certificate for the product you are purchasing.

Q: Is it Gluten Free/made in a facility with Gluten?

A: Yes all Del Real products are Gluten Free

Q: Do you offer any vegetarian items?

A: Del Real offers several vegetarian items in our K12 line, listed below:

  • 421 – Mexican Brown Rice
  • 702 Cheese pupusa
  • 705 – Bean and Cheese pupusa
  • 766- Cheese Tamale
  • 6055- Sope (this is a thick tortilla shell that can be used as a base for a vegetarian meal)
Q: Do you commodity process?

A: Not at the present moment

Q: Where is the plant located?

A: Mira Loma, CA (Riverside county)

Q: Do you source local ingredients? Are you California Grown?

A: We source local where possible, but all our products are produced in California, therefore we do qualify for California Thursdays.

Q: Are the products Fresh or Frozen?

A: All Del Real products are fresh and frozen by distributor

Q: What is the Shelf Life?
  • Product cases list the date the product was packed, this date will help you determine remaining shelf life
  • Meats and Side Dishes – Refrigerated 60 days/ Frozen 270 days
  • Tamales – Refrigerated 50 days/ Frozen 270 days
  • Salsas – Refrigerated 75 days/ Frozen 270 days
  • Sopes – Refrigerated 60 days / Frozen 270 days/ Shelf Stable 30 days
Q: If frozen, how long does it take to thaw out Del Real products?

2 days in cooler

Q: Do you have cooking instructions available for your products

Yes, all products have an SOP and are available on our website or by contacting your sales representative

Q: Do you have a CN label for your products?

A: We do not CN label, but we have Product Formulation Statements available for all products

Q: Are the products Individually Wrapped?

A: No, we do not currently IW