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Our Cultural Roots

Our family traditions were first cultivated in a small town in the heart of Mexico. For generations the Cardenas family lived and thrived in the rich culture of central Mexico, but in 1970 they moved to the United States in search of a better future. They brought with them their love for authentic Mexican cuisine. Though the family made many sacrifices when they fist arrived, they were able to take comfort in the traditions that came with them from Mexico; most important of which was their traditional and authentic style of cooking and eating together.

The Cardenas family has always followed the traditions of their ancestors when it comes to cooking. From the beginning, they created authentic Mexican dishes from scratch using recipes that had been passed down and perfected over generations. Their homemade barbacoa, carnitas, salsa and much more quickly became popular with friends and neighbors who raved about the delicious and authentic taste of their food. Soon the tradition of sharing their meals with good friends around the dinner table became stronger than ever.

This tradition of gathering around a great meal with family and friends is what Del Real Foods strives to pass on, from our family to yours. The Cardenas family continues to play a leading role in the cultivation of each new Del Real Foods product, assuring that the taste and texture remains authentic and true to our Mexican roots.

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Based in Mira Loma, California, our USDA-approved cooking facility is efficient, competitive and maintains extremely high-quality standards. We continue to focus on creating great tasting, authentic Mexican meals that are safe and healthier, with no preservatives, just the way our family has done for generations. We distribute our delicious cuisine to nearly all food markets including restaurants, grocery store delis, club stores and retail stores. We look forward to becoming a part of your home and your traditions soon.

SQF Certified

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a collaboration of the world’s leading food safety experts representing a broad range of participants in the supply chain, from primary producer to retailer. Safe Quality Foods (SQF) is a benchmarked food safety standard meeting the GFSI requirements and Del Real Foods has SQF Level 3 Certification.

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